Our Work

Our business model corresponds as closely as possible with the realities underlying what we do:

Income from book sales generally covers our printing and other non-personnel costs.

Our own work as publishers therefore needs to be supported by gifts. These gifts cover our living expenses, freeing us up so that we can devote our creative energies to our work. We also want to help meet the living expenses of the authors of our books and the writers of our articles.

Gifts are therefore the life-blood of our endeavor.

20% of gift money received will be held in an Authors’ Fund, to cover royalties and stipends to help cover the living expenses of our authors while they write books or articles on social issues. Contact us to describe the books or articles you’d like to read in the future!

80% of gift money received will provide salaries to cover our living expenses so that we can do our work as publishers and develop our initiative into a potent agent of social change.

To continue our work through the end of 2014, we will need a total of $40,000 in Gifts— $8,000 for the Authors’ Fund, and $32,000 to support us while we develop the Adonis Social Science Series and our Social Self website.

To date we have received: $581 (updated weekly)

If you feel that our work is important, please give generously! (All donations are tax deductible.)

Thank you for your support!

Our Business Model

Publishers are in a unique position.

Manufacturers provide for the physical needs of their customers and derive their income from the sale of the items they produce.

Writers, researchers and artists contribute invaluable insight and inspiration. These, however, are not commodities that can be bought and sold. Such contributors to cultural life therefore have to rely on gifts or support from those who value their work.

Publishers like ourselves find themselves in an intermediate position. Books are unique: On the one hand they are physical manufactured products. They have production costs (editing, design/layout, typesetting and printing) and can be bought and sold as commodities. As such, they generally provide sufficient income to cover their production costs as well as other non-personnel expenses.

In our many years as book publishers, whatever (small) salaries we have been able to pay ourselves have been made possible by the generous gifts of our supporters. Ideally, salaries cover living expenses and health care costs and free people up so that they can pour all of their creative energies into their work.

Social Self wants to be a strong catalyst for social renewal!

Our Social Self initiative wants to be more than a publisher of books and an inspiring website: Social Self wishes to play an essential role in a movement of social and cultural renewal! This requires more work by more people – work, most of which cannot be commodified – work that can only be supported by freely given gifts.

We are trying to organize our business model according to these realities. We therefore distinguish between:

1. the actual goods we offer – the printed books, which we can sell as commodities,* which generate income to produce new books and cover non-personnel costs,

2. and the spiritual value sequestered in the books by the authors, the services we provide as publishers and webmasters, and the energy we devote to making all this into a flourishing movement – all of which are not products that can be bought and sold but that need to be supported and sustained by gifts.

We therefore ask those who purchase our books or read the articles on our website to please contribute toward our living expenses so that we can pour our creative energies into this project and it can grow into a thriving movement.

* The ebooks we provide are not physical commodities. Whether 1 or 1,000 are downloaded makes no difference in the cost of providing them. Nevertheless, we are asking for a modest payment that will help us provide more ebooks in the future.